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this current approach is a really lengthy process and can take up to 2 hours as i have a lot of media. I hoping now that once that has been done once it will be happy again....Cheersi think u got me wrong:i can see my files on the NAS in xbmc but i cannot see the changes i made in Media Companion to existing files when i update the libary.It is working fine on my other HTPC with Windows 7 but not on the one which has openelec. I have noticed that a particular TV show is not being updated in the Library, despite running a Deep Scan and verifying that all of the relevant files and folders have all the permissions enabled (777).I think its related, on yours you can't update current episodes or add new episodes (I assume) on mine I only checked if i could add new episodes.... The XBOX1 I copied the library files from my old install.The library worked but it couldn't see any new episodes.

I cancelled the sync by logging off parents, and went back in... but I didn't have Emby debugging on and now the program is syncing every time I start.We are not affiliated with the developers (robweber) and do not provide help for this particular addon.Hi, I am on the latest version of Openelec and since past few days my movies library have stopped updating. The oddity is that I see this in the status screen: Restarting the program seems to solve it and there seems no harm being done, but it appears once in a while. Since the problem seemed to be resolved, I added another movie to see what would happen. I've included the log for completeness, but I am guessing you won't need it.If this problem comes up again, I'll try a full sync on all accounts again.

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