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Kelly's Trade Directories of Worcestershire and others such as Littleburys (copies of which are held in the Reference section of Great Malvern Library) provide a unique insight into bygone Malvern, which is how we discovered the many schools there have been in Malvern, most small, a few relatively large.

Even though we have researched a large number, still more appear and not all are mentioned here, but it is hoped you find this glimpse into the past interesting.

The discussion about what should be taught and how continues even now to be a subject of fierce debate as, for example, with the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition government of 2010 positioning to take state schools outside Local Education Authority control in order to give schools and governing bodies that seek it greater independence and hopefully increasing the quality of education.

A very early Malvern school for the poor was called 'The School of Ancient Industry' for spinning wool, flax, hemp etc.

It was not until 1953 that 'The Chase', the first Council School providing Secondary Education in Malvern, was opened, followed in 1958 by 'Dyson Perrins'.

This was in Longridge Road for some 30 females of the poorer classes of the parish.

The school, which taught spinning and needlework, was established by Lady Apphia Lyttelton about 1815 and closed in the 1840s after her death (ref 2). Lady Lyttelton first lived at a black and white cottage named Peckham Grove in Poolbrook Road (later occupied by Polly Cartland, the mother of novelist Barbara Cartland).

It seems that in the early days of the nineteenth century you needed no formal qualifications to set up a small private day school, just sufficient financial backing to lease a large house and buy some desks.

Additionally if you were setting up a school for boarders you would have required further accommodation, beds, kitchen staff and one or more matrons.

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WWI changed that when women were required to take on the jobs of men away at the front, and afterwards there was a shortage of young men to marry, so thousands of young women of all classes suddenly found it necessary to pursue careers.

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