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This file is meant to be for only javascript files that you want to be used by intellisense in ALL javascript / razor files so should only include stuff like jquery, modernizr, etc.

Install Visual Studio again error: Lookup logs, inet, etc. I reinstalled and repaired vc_redist.x64and vc_redist.x86 I installed Visual Studio 2015 again and now I don't have any startup issues (vs Hub can be uninstalled and connected services can be disabled…) I had the same problem with VS 2015 Community with Node Tools.This solution causes Visual Studio's Intelli Sense to not load show all the Java Script references available.However, Re Sharper's Intelli Sense will work perfectly fine and fast.I did not experience lag in every project but one was causing enough pain so I really had no choice.Read about another command that you can also try but I know This answer might seem silly but I had my laptop's power plan set to something other than High performance (in Windows).

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I was fortunate that I have Dell and they have awesome website support to do this.

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