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The overriding feeling was how seductive the car-buying process has become.

Many showrooms, especially those of VW, Audi, Honda, Citrokn, Land Rover and Jaguar, are beautifully designed with tasteful dicor, pot plants and sofa areas. Mix this with personable salesmen, infinitely flexible finance options and, of course, gleaming cars, and you're soon in a comfort zone from which it's hard to lift yourself.

On a less sinister note, there was plenty of time-wasting, ineptitude and laughable salesman's clichés: at least two said I was ripping the shirt off their back, while the guilt-provoking "Would you work for free? Part of my job was to prove that it was possible to match the What Car?Or their keenness to sell a car would remain palpable, but they wouldn't drop any further.Blessed with all the time in the world, I would stay put until I was sure there was nothing more, and on most occasions could get them to throw in a set of floor mats (which most manufacturers still charge extra for) and a full tank of fuel.The best did this subtly, but Audi in Swindon had a full-time data-taker who marched me over to the leather sofa as soon as I walked in.There's absolutely nothing in it for the customer, but it's difficult to avoid without seeming curt. Once you've committed yourself to a figure you won't know how low they could have gone, so reply "As little as possible" to the first and don't answer the second.

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Even though I wasn't there to buy, I found myself on several occasions thinking ''He's right, I can afford that..." On the other hand, you could find yourself at a Peugeot dealer in west London drinking execrable canteen coffee, waiting for your stuffed shirt of a salesman to okay the discount with his manager and wondering when they last cleaned the plastic plants.

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