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the idea that systems of oppression are interrelated, and that marginalized social identities (of race, gender, class, etc.) can overlap in unique ways.But at what point does the admirable goal of complicating and adding nuance to the discussion start to deflate the momentum of the social movement’s progress?Yet why should we demand that Hillary decontextualize herself to represent women’s interests, when we, as intersectional feminists, place great emphasis on the multiple facets of our own identities?Those on the left that declined to support Clinton this past election because she was “not progressive enough” or didn’t represent “our brand of feminism” have fallen prey to a flawed progressive critique of “respectable” representatives.We must recognize that, hauntingly, overwhelming numbers of white women voted for Trump.Almost half (45%) of college-educated white women and the majority (64%) of non-college educated white women gave him their vote.She even had critical words for current (even presently attending!) politicians and their complacency with the status quo, contrasting with the remarks of Senator Edward Brooke (R-MA) who spoke right before, promoting incremental change and discouraging “coercive protest.” She said, “Part of the problem with just empathy with professed goals is that empathy doesn't do us anything.

When we dismiss Trump's gloating admissions of sexual assaults and grabbing women by the pussy as "locker room talk," we internalize the power structure that normalizes the eternal shackles of the patriarchy—degrading women, devaluing them as inherently inferior, and casually dismissing the violence we do unto their bodies as individuals and as a society.Simultaneously, this model measures masculine value by their ability to exert dominance over women, construing sexual "conquests" as a sign of strength and virility.This model gives rise to a culture that demands access to women's bodies as it simultaneously slut-shames them. It was a failure of the American commitment to diversity, openness, and refuge. Presidential election represented a failure on many fronts.

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It was a failure as a check on corporate greed, wealthy interests, and predators of the poor and vulnerable.

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