Dealing with an ex wife when dating

He tells her his comings and his goings, he spends the holiday's with her, he goes on family outtings with her and their 3 year old son.

He tells me he did this to see his son more as he feels guilty he can't be with his son all of the time. I had no idea he never told her about me as he had told me she knew.

As we began to date, he stopped spending much time with her. When she found out we were seeing each other, she started making threats about calling CPS and claiming I'm an unfit mother.

Needless to say, she did not like it and was going to do something about it. She even went so far as to tell the man i'm dating, if he did not stop seeing me, he would pay people to confirm her false allegations about me being an unfit mother. She was banging on the door, yelling for him to come out.

I don't need this driving me crazy but I think about it a lot.

In that case, I said calmly, I would wish him the best, and be on my way. I have known what to do for a long time but due to the simple fact that I enjoy spending time with my BF and care very deeply about him, I have allowed for myself and my 5 year old daughter to be subjected to this woman's evilness.I told him that he was, in all ways except living with her and sleeping with her, still married to her. So my advice is: steel yourself, and have the hard talk with him. if he can't hear you and make your needs a priority over hers, please be willing to admit to yourself that it is not the relationship for you, and move on. You need to stop having any communication with this woman, right now.I told him that I was too good a catch to be a second-class wife in a relationship where my man was still married to someone else. Honey, don't settle for anything less in a relationship than any first wife would expect. And be prepared to walk away if he's not willing to change it. BB You are not second best, you are not second class. I know it is tempting to want to tell her off, especially when she is provoking and attacking you, but no good can come of it.I found it a little to late but it may give you a shot to save it. Unfortunately there isn't a tried and true remedy that will completely protect you from this kind of emotional upheaval particularly since you didn't ask for the separation.Best of luck my friend and you are going to be fine. In all honesty, the only thing you can do is keep yourself busy.

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  1. I don’t feel like any of my past or future—when it comes to relationships that may have happened or not have happened—are of any concern to anybody. You can believe what you want, but no, I was not in a relationship with her. Whether there’s been rumors with one specific person or not, that’s all that matters.