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After all, dating usually requires some strategizing. Dating Sites for HIV-Positive Gays or Straights Positive Love Free to join HIV Passions Free Poz Fees charged for most features Planet POZ Personal ads are posted for free POZ Personals Free, affiliated with POZ magazine A Greater Date A directory of dating sites for people dealing with HIV, HCV, HPV or herpes (free) Positive Free to join, but there is a fee for most features Poz Free profile, fees are charged for other features More resources Our next guest is 24-year-old Nina Martinez. David is an HIV-positive journalist, educator and activist living in Atlanta, Ga. My first question is -- and I guess we'll start with you, David -- how did you get back into the dating game when you were first diagnosed? I'm not sure what it is, and I can only speak for black women, but even my straight black female friends and my mother are all very, very ...

Dating when you're HIV positive is doubly, maybe triply, so. Keith Green: Well, because you can't disclose the HIV piece, really, without the question about sexuality coming up, especially for black women.

One thing that happened was I feel I was pushed more towards being a gay man, if you will, because I found it a lot easier to disclose my status to other gay men, or other men, than I did to disclose to women.

Perry Halkitis: I think, Keith, what you're saying is really great, and I think it points to one of the issues that we should probably talk about a little bit here.

And, because I didn't understand what HIV was, I just never learned to keep it a secret.It's easier to settle with someone who will have you, and has had you, than to venture off.I think that was a large part of why I never moved on from that unhealthy relationship, why I stayed in it for two years -- because I didn't think anybody else would want me. David, I know you have pretty funny stories about disclosing.My name is Bonnie Goldman and I'm editorial director of The Body. How -- and more importantly, when -- do you tell someone you are dating that you are HIV positive? Halkitis directs the Center for Health, Identity, Behavior and Prevention Studies at New York University. Nina works for the Hope Clinic of the Emory Vaccine Center, where she helps educate the public about HIV vaccine trials. I've tested positive." As it turned out, he got tested, and he was positive as well. So we just traveled down that road together, for six years. So that's when I reentered the dating world again, and I have dated negative men and positive men. Keith, how did you get back into the dating game when you were first diagnosed? It's knowing that the person that they are with, or about to engage in sexual activity with, has been with another man. It's like a promotional campaign: You try to emphasize your strong points and play down any weaknesses. How do you get back into the dating game after your diagnosis? Nina was infected with HIV from a blood transfusion as an infant. C., she's currently at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., studying public health. He has developed and led safer sex and disclosure presentations and workshops for people with HIV since 1994. He's been writing for years about living with HIV and his wise and witty articles can be found on our our site. David Salyer: Well, I can't say that it slowed me down. I just went to him and said, "This is what's happened. you know, it's not even really about the HIV thing.

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All those things are difficult enough, for anybody, even without HIV.

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