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We integrate problem solving, abstract thinking and hands-on military training. And because your Air Force Academy experience is so unique, we have put together the following resources to make your time here even more rewarding.

We are driven by curiosity, steadfast endurance and a drive to achieve.

But the first thing I thought after reading Roeder's in-depth examination of just how bad things are at AFA was Title IX.

Namely, that Title IX -- in all its weak imperfection -- doesn't protect cadets at AFA or any other service academy.

"And failures of accountability at the service academies can have serious consequences throughout the military, since most generals and admirals come from these elite schools.

"When you look at the number of four-star generals in the military -- the military academies are unique not only because of the nature of the education, but also the influence their graduates have on these institutions," Jacob noted.

It would bridge the gap between what Congress is trying to do with colleges and what they tried to do with the active duty military."And as Roeder's report makes clear, AFA officials mostly framed the sexual violence problem on their campus as a matter of a few bad apples who don't meet the school's "strict conduct rules" rather than a systemic lack of accountability that started at the very top.

Like all the other service academies, this was a school for men, until today.

The First Women to Enter the Ranks of the Air Force Academy. Accessed Wed Mar 18 2015 from NBC Learn:

Retrieved from cuecard=5816 "The First Women to Enter the Ranks of the Air Force Academy" NBC Nightly News, New York, NY: NBC Universal, 06/28/1976.

She graduated from high school with a 3.89 grade average.

DON HARRIS, reporting: Amy Takashima, an 18-year-old from Canoga Park, California.

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Sexual assault at these schools "is something that's being tracked, but doesn't get a lot of attention because the academies fall in this middle ground between an academic environment and a military environment," Service Women's Action Network (SWAN) policy director Greg Jacob told Salon.

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