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Why would it be a good thing that he never says No to you and that he lets you do whatever you want?

the reason he does that is b/c he wants to be able to do whatever he wants. Its not that he's uncomfortable speaking about the relationship.

Of course that made me wonder what else he had done in the past and how much he is hiding now. trust me, he rather be turned on by you then anyone else. I never met any of these men in real life but enjoyed the attention and love I felt from another man desiring me.

It is truly an addiction, and not really a need to seek sex outside my marriage.

I don't know how to show him the amount of hurt he is causing me. He will literally blank out or fall asleep (right in front of me! He is totally blocking it conversations, so I stop dont just let anyone in your intimate, vulnerable circle, do you?then consider what has your H done to earn one of these spots? if not, what can you do to put him in the spot he's earned? My wife and I send naughty messages to each other all the time either text, pics or even a naughty video while we are at work or doing something seperate.He tells you that you will be ok so he can feel better.and you probably will be ok, but that's not the point. and you know what you've tried is only making you more depressed.

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