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He asked if there were any conservatives in the audience, which skewed white and rowdy.

A guy in a Tommy Bahama–style shirt raised his hand."How was the drive up from Orange County? The crowd laughed, unaware that Martin would use the same joke the next week.

A piece of you here and a piece of you over there." The crowd was subdued for much of the set, perhaps because the rainstorm had soaked their enthusiasm along with their clothes, but they gave Maher a standing ovation at the end.

Backstage, he ate his usual postshow meal of baked potato and whitefish, a break from his weekday diet of seeds ground with fruit.

"I mean, how many wives are going to let their husbands watch a channel where the guy is getting a blowjob?He hugged Reiner and then sped away in a golf cart with a twenty-something woman hanging on precariously next to him.Two Saturdays a month, Maher wakes up the morning after his show and jumps on a plane to do stand-up across the country.Twenty-five thousand feet over Oklahoma, I was reading on my laptop when I spotted an op-ed making the case for Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate for French president. I'm not a fan of supporting a crypto-fascist."Maher pressed me as though I were one of his panelists. You know she kicked her dad out of the party.""Yeah, but I just find some of her positions kind of horrible," I told him."I'm not sure you know what you're talking about," Maher insisted.(A week later, Le Pen would lose the election, with just 34 percent of the vote.) Maher was settled into his plane seat with his favorite comic read, the I saw him tousle his silver mane and asked him, with a snicker, whether he'd seen the op-ed."Are you saying they shouldn't have published it? "If you think democracy as we know it will survive if France becomes 51 percent Muslim, you're fooling yourself along with a bunch of other liberals."I began to mount a counterargument—that many of Le Pen's remarks on immigrants were proto-Trumpian, that France was, at present, just 7.5 percent Muslim—but Maher had turned back to the through 2018.

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